Žymos: cleaner robotas dulkių, namų, roomba, robotas žaislas, mitsubishi v80, valymo robotas cleaner, ilif v8s, mamibot, conga, grindų mop.

€3.61 €4.11
  • Yra sandėlyje
  • w9648

  • Prekės Pavadinimas: OSSIEAO
  • Modelio Numeris: Už "Ilife" V8s
  • Vakuuminis Dalis Tipas: Mop Šluostės
  • Kilmės: KN(Kilmės)

Vakuuminis dalis tipas: mop plug-in, Tipas: dulkių siurbliu dalys Suderinami modeliai: dalys iLife V80, V8s, X800 spalva: mėlyna Medžiaga: audinys Į paketą įeina: 5 * medžiaga mop Tik virš pakuotės, kiti produktai nėra įtraukti.

Pastaba: Šviesos, fotografijos ir įvairūs ekranai gali sukelti spalvos produkto vaizdą, šiek tiek skirtis nuo tikrosios spalvos.Leistina matavimo paklaida: 1-3 cm.

Indarkness 212
OK fit perfectly to my ilafe A80 plus. For this very fast shipping. Recommend.
The quality is excellent, not worse than the original. The size is slightly larger than the original, but it is not a problem
Tonya Tareva
Delivery to Kharkiv 20 days. Took for Lenovo E1, because. I did not find separately offered original rags neither on their site nor in Hello, where I took the robot. The quality of the rags is excellent, everything is stitched, the inner side clearly clings to the Velcro. Slightly different size of rags, it is more than necessary, but I do not consider it a problem. After spending a few minutes, I made small protectors at the corners and took hand threads, turned out slightly noticeable folds, but the rag became in size and sat on the robot perfectly. To the explanations I upload pictures
Asi Vicdan 33
All 5 pieces as original. A little more, but the quality of cleaning I think will not affect. Seller recommend

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